Wrapping up a busy 2017! In 2017, Enebak Construction Co. moved approximately 7 million cubic yards of dirt as well as installing nearly 90,000 lineal feet of underground utilities on projects across the entire Twin Cities metro area. The work varied from residential and commercial site development to mining sand and gravel.

ECC completed multiple projects in 2017 such as: Harvest Phase 2 in Chaska, Tributary on Foster Lake in St. Michael & Spirit of Brandtjen Farm 18th Addition in Lakeville. A few other projects from 2017 include:

ECC developed this 70+ acre site on the north side of Lower Prior Lake into a housing development containing 142 Single-Family lots & 65 Multi-Family units. The site grading started on June 14th with the utilities starting on August 31st. Grading and utility crews worked together to increase production and efficiency in order to get the streets in and paved by the Fall deadline.

ECC helped the owner re-open the mine after being shut down for several years. Mining work varied from clearing trees to stripping new mining areas to hauling sand and rock to the plant. The site faces some challenges with bedrock at various depths, which leads to weekly blasting. After blasting, ECC hauls the blasted material to the plant to be sorted through. ECC will continue working on-site to supply the plant with material throughout the winter.

2018 will have some projects that will carryover from the Fall of 2017 including Highcroft in Woodbury. Some new projects are already on the books for 2018 while more keep coming through the door to be bid. Enebak Construction Co. is looking forward to 2018 and another busy, successful year ahead.